Customer in Iowa Colony says:

Thank you thank you for my shade cover and shelter from the rain and sun........it is awesome and so is your crew!!!!!

From David:

Thank you for the great customer service and great crew! We love our new arena!

From Dominique:

Thanks again we are so blown away, and that is one amazing team you have!

Patricia (DVM) at Exclusively Equine says:

Thrilled with Scott and his team! They put up a 100x50x14 arena in 1 1/2 days. Excellent customer service and workmanship. Will recommend them to all my clients. Thank you.
Just wanted to thank you for taking my call after hours. Great customer service.

Nikki said:

We're so excited our new covered arena should be done in a couple days or less!! It was build the pen or build an arc!! Anyone looking to put one up please let me recommend the company we used Covered-Riding-Arenas-In-Texas.com! They are good, professional, and quick!

Nancy wrote:

Thank you, Scott Arnold, and this amazing crew for the long days, lots of sweat and awesome work to make this happen for us here at Fair Oaks Farm!
I have worked with all types of teams during my career, but I have never seen a team with the cooperation and interdependency of your construction team. They are truly amazing. There is not a wasted moment and everyone is moving and doing somthing useful- anticipating the next step and getting materials or equipment in place. It is a beautiful dance and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them...